Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jon McNaughton is a Genius!

(Full disclosure, I am not a liberal, a Democrat, a conservative or a Republican. I'm a rational human being.) 

If you have not seen Jon McNaughton new masterpiece entitled Liberalism is Disease then for all that is good and just in this world, please look at it! After you have a peek come back and I'll tell you why he's so magnificent.  

Jon McNaughton, Troll Level Expert ( Click for larger view)

 So when I first looked at his new piece, I had the same reaction that many people would have.  Hey, he has great technical skill and mastery of the medium. I also thought, Oh look he still lives in the fragile cocoon of a dying world view, clinging so desperately at a blatantly false dichotomy, thus ignoring the true evil of greed, power and domination that is practiced by both parties and their corporate overlords. Then, after I brushed that clearly illogical thought from my head, I had another idea.  Maybe this guy really is a genius.  Allow me to explain.

Methinks that Jon has taken a cue from Fox News and pundits like the ever controversial Ann Coulter. These people enjoy shouting platitudes and vowing forever war on opposite points of view.  I can't take half of what they say seriously as no rational human being should. However, These people have graduated from esteemed universities with multiple degrees with complex sounding names and make millions of dollars a year. Most stupid people are not so successful. So why do they say such nonsense? Because controversy sells and it sells big.  

That's what dear Mr. McNaughton is doing here. There is a reason that he put Jon Stewart, one of TVs most beloved and rational thinkers next to a dark hooded Satan-esque character. He knew it would draw the ire of the unwashed hordes. They would then tweet and blog and Facebook endlessly about this horrible terrible no good piece of "art". This would give him boat loads of free online publicity. ( Yes I'm well aware of the irony here)  Furthermore, he knows that by putting Stewart, Colbert and Maher in a quarantined island of evil liberalism, He stands a good chance of being brought up on their shows. More publicity!  It's free advertising to the entire country.  What artist wouldn't kill for that kind of publicity?!

He's a genius! I don't know if he actually believes in all the utter and complete tripe that he paints into his elaborate political cartoons, but hey it sells! He might not care that Thomas Paine all but declared war on religion and that Thomas Jefferson was an avowed Deist who rejected the Messianic Christ, but that doesn't stop him from painting them right next to Jesus in this humdinger.  He doesn't care, he knows that conservatives will looooooove this and liberals will hate it and shout about it so much that they will wake up the conservatives who didn't see it. Then those conservatives will drive on down to the print shop and pick up the latest giclee, and McNaughton gets to laugh all the way to the bank.  

There you have it Jon McNaughton: Troll Level, Expert.  

So thank you Jon, thanks for teaching me how to make more money. All I have to do is make wildly over-the-top political cartoons and call them "art". The more over the top and outlandish, illogical and wildly absurd the premise, the better I should do in sales. Thank you for showing me the light.  You are my hero, my light, my shining star. I'm so proud that I had the honor of graduating with a BFA from the same university as you. It makes me weep sweet tears of joy.  

Money here I come!

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