Friday, February 22, 2013

Adventures in Spousal Commissions

Annie mixed media on toned paper 8.5" x 11"
So this is the story of this illustration:

So my wife told me she wanted an illustration for a poem she wrote. So I was like, hmmm OK. She was all like good. So I was all like sketching and drawing and stuff, for like hours and stuff. Then she comes home and says she doesn't like my original drawing. Then I'm all like, Ok well what do you want then? Then she's all like, she needs blond curly hair and needs a rounder face and like stuff. So I'm all, OK. So I draw some more until I finish this drawing. Then I like show it to her, then she's all like, I don't like the colors  they're too Christmasy. I'm all like, dude I can change that like really easy. And she's all like OK. So I change the colors and then I give it back to her. Then she's all like, I'll just use the first one.  Then I'm all like...whatever dude.  

So instead of going with this:

She went with this ( it's still unfinished btw):

PS I love you my dear wifey!

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I still would like to see the finished version. :)